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The API integration platform for data professionals. Unify data from any number of source applications into a simple data viewer where you can transform and prepare your data for reporting and analytics


Our mission

To put the power of enterprise integration into the hands of every ambitious organization.

Our mission

Our vision

Enable the secure, trusted and frictionless movement of data to inspire radical innovation.

Our vision

Who we are

We’re a team of technologists, problem solvers and innovators.

We have inquisitive minds and continually ask ourselves how to make things easier, faster and better for customers. We take a fresh approach to every challenge and don’t follow the herd.

By embracing true client partnerships, we’re able to break down technical and organizational barriers and accelerate customer success.

Our story

We’ve been working with organizations to solve their digital transformation challenges since 2010. As part of this work, we have regularly faced the problems of accessing and integrating customer data into a single, consistent view. After searching, in vain, for fast and reliable ways to access, transform and share data, we concluded there was no easy and cost effective option for small and medium-sized organizations.

What we wanted was superfast integration between different back-office systems and data stores, without always having to rely on technical teams. What we found was that organizations were struggling to truly embrace digital transformation as many of their key systems didn’t talk to each other and didn’t allow straight through processing. Fed up with the situation we decided to get creative.

With our own team of innovators and developers, we decided to build the ideal data integration platform for ourselves, from scratch. Without any legacy to compromise our approach, we adopted the very latest methods and techniques, ensuring our product would be more than up to the task, and allowing resource-challenged businesses to benefit from our work.

And that’s how SPINR was born!

Now, after years of product development, we are proud to make SPINR available to organizations struggling to break down their silos of data and deliver meaningful digital transformation. Our purpose is to make the process of integrating, cleansing and sharing data simple, efficient and accessible to all. If you are resource and time limited, but need to leverage data to drive innovation, building new digital platforms to better serve your customers, then SPINR is the straightforward integration platform for you.

Why we're called SPINR

The SPINR name was derived by combining two key elements of our company history: where we’re headquartered and what we do. Being located in Manchester (Cottonopolis), historically the heart of the largest centre for cotton spinning in the world, and with the office sited inside a restored cotton mill, there was already a relevant and evolving theme.

Then we ‘connected’ these facts with the main functionality of our platform, which is all about spinning information together from different sources to create a unified data view. SPINR, pronounced ‘spinner’ is combined with colours and shapes that emphasize these references, instilling pride in our roots and keeping us focused on our purpose.

Why we're called SPINR Why we're called SPINR
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