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Do you have what it takes to be a SPINR?

Changing the world of integration

Changing the world of integration

As a young, innovative company, we have lofty ambitions to change the world of data integration forever.

To do this we will need lots of talented people along the way and in every discipline. As we continue on our journey and grow the business, we’ll be adding new roles to help accelerate our growth and bring our vision to life.

Be part of something special

Be part of something special

We’re constantly looking for people who want to be part of something special.

If you want to help build a successful and sustainable business, that changes the way the world thinks about connecting applications and data, then SPINR could be a natural fit for you.

Our Values

Innovation by integration

Innovation by integration

We’re bound together by a single-minded drive to take away unnecessary complexity, so our customers can innovate faster and drive improved outcomes with their data.

To help them, we create beautifully simple solutions to overcome challenges that would otherwise limit their opportunities.

Innovation by integration

People powered software

Our people create value for customers, who in return put their trust in us. By investing in our staff we look to nurture individuals, helping them along in their careers.

All of us are on a personal growth journey and are here to learn, develop and make friends, having some fun along the way.

Innovation by integration

Vision with venture

Every member of our team is empowered to make a positive impact for our customers through the work we do.

Alongside that creativity, we align a work ethic and growth mindset that means we are constantly striving to deliver the small incremental improvements that lead us to where we want to be.

Your chance to make a difference

Your chance to make a difference Your chance to make a difference
Your chance to make a difference

If you want an opportunity to show what you can do, making a positive and valued contribution to our growth, then we’d love to hear from you.

You don’t need to wear a super hero costume to do great things. Our people look like everyone else when they walk down the street, but there is something special about them that sets them apart.

They commit themselves to the daily collaborative tasks that make the sum total of our combined efforts worth so much more than they would be on their own.

We value insight, opinions and experience but nothing is more highly regarded than the actions needed to get things done and serve our customers. Everyone has a contribution to make, and our inclusive approach embraces diversity to stimulate new ways of thinking and working that accelerates our success.

If you feel you would do well in this environment, please send us an email with covering letter and CV attached to

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