SPINR is an Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) product, designed to allow businesses to automate and manage their data flow operations.  The SPINR platform allows users to connect to their business data using connectors, which may be bundled and supported with the platform or developed by customers.  The list of SPINR-supported connectors is available here

Using the platform, users create derived views of data and functions for automating a data process.  Users can publish data views to privately or publicly accessible web services for sharing across teams/departments or with other organizations. 

Customers can build service-orientated architectures and orchestrate workloads using code-free tooling, the SQL language or JSON-specified NoSQL query expressions. 

SPINR provides a method for data virtualization and does not store customer business data by default, only metadata for defining data views and transformations and logging metadata for data changes and access. 

Customers may choose to store data within the platform, which is managed by customers.  The SPINR platform also stores and logs metadata required for the day-to-day administration of the system - this is managed by SPINR and covered by our privacy policy   

Examples of data that is not stored by default: 

  • Data that is accessed by SPINR but hosted in external systems, such as customer-owned databases, APIs or web-hosted data. 
  • Data that is aggregated or transformed by users within data flows or business processes. 

Examples of customer-manageable data that may be stored within the platform: 

  • Datasets uploaded into SPINR storage, such as reference files or code files. 
  • Values saved into persistent variables for caching or stream processing. 
  • Blob files sent to queues and then saved into storage with function handlers. 
  • Entity keys used for version and concurrency control. 
  • Metadata for data transformation tasks – e.g. data schemas, transformation dataflows, API URLs.  

Examples of SPINR-managed metadata: 

  • Customer billing information and user details for authentication and communication, such as email, name and password.  Password details may be managed at rest by Microsoft Azure Active Directory, Google Cloud IAM or AWS Identity and Access Management and governed by the respective data policies. 
  • Telemetry for platform management – e.g. HTTP request logs (both ingress and egress), data ingress and egress bandwidth and size, user authentication telemetry.  HTTP request contents may be scanned for malware, viruses and other security heuristics, but these logs are not retained. 
  • SPINR aggregates and analyses platform telemetry to generate insights, e.g. the location of users and external requests, profiles of request patterns from similar users or machines.