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Banking & Financial Services

SPINR helps banks and financial services firms to tap into legacy IT systems to create new products and services and cut time to market.

Banking & Financial Services

Business Benefits

Modernize your IT estate
Modernize your IT estate
Protect & govern your data
Protect & govern your data
Monitor data in real-time
Monitor data in real-time
Streamline internal & external integrations
Streamline internal & external integrations
Cut cost of DevOps and DataOps
Cut cost of DevOps and DataOps

Explore what SPINR can do for you...

  • Transforming Financial Services

    Quickly connecting multiple apps and data sources is a significant operational benefit for banks and FinTech companies, but building innovative digital platforms is truly transformational.

    SPINR gives you the power to innovate new services and access new markets, helping to create competitive advantage and drive profitable growth.

    Connecting your own legacy systems with third party data and cloud applications allows you to aggregate data and create new services, like market updates, from your own digital platforms, delivering value to customers and generating new revenue opportunities.

  • Streamline Integrations Between Apps & Data

    Integrations can be some of the most complex undertakings for banks and financial services organizations, which is one of the reasons why we created SPINR.

    We remove the unnecessary cost and complexity of point-to-point integrations and allow business users, or knowledge workers, to take responsibility for their own data. By putting the power of data directly into the hands of the people where the value is created for your business, you gain significant operational and cost reduction benefits.

  • Take Your Data to the Next Level

    With SPINR you can analyze the most accurate, current data for timely business insights, giving you the agility you need to respond to customer needs.

    With rapidly changing markets you now have the integration platform that supports the capability to make sound financial decisions. This is enhanced by real-time visiblity into operations and markets.

    Empowering self-service for data owners helps to gain real-time visibility into all aspects of the business, helping to reduce risk and verify compliance throughout.

  • Open Banking Initiative

    Open banking initiatives, like the one in the UK, force banks to open up their data via a secure set of APIs.

    This essentially turns banks into open platforms, by giving verified third parties access to data, with the potantial to transform the industry. SPINR can help any financial services organization to manage their APIs and be the integration layer to take full advantage of the open banking movement.

    With our API management capability you can fully leverage the opportunity to connect data with and from third parties and business partners in the most effective and efficient way.

Why financial services companies choose SPINR

  • Save time, empowering data analysts and other business users to self-serve and focus on their core jobs

  • Ensure that data is accurate and synchronized everywhere

  • Automate processes, streamline operations and also allow rapid and ad-hoc data unification and interrogation

  • Allow internal and external collaboration to customize sales and marketing offers

  • Easily adopt across your organization to solve key integration challenges

  • Enforce your ontology and uphold data standards

Why financial services companies choose SPINR Why financial services companies choose SPINR
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