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SPINR gives all public sector organizations the ability to truly design services around the needs of the citizen, rather than be limited by the restrictions of back-end applications.


Business Benefits

Efficient delivery of public services
Efficient delivery of public services
Enable digital transformation
Enable digital transformation
Improve citizen engagement
Improve citizen engagement
Smart, modern data architecture
Smart, modern data architecture
Share data across departments
Share data across departments

Explore what SPINR can do for you...

  • Public Sector Modernization

    Many public sector organizations are still reliant on line of business systems that weren’t built with web and mobile in mind.

    This creates process inefficiency when trying to build new digital services, as the data remains locked within the individual systems of record. It also means that the same data about the same citizen will exist across many of these applications.

    Keeping this data in sync becomes an ever increasing burden over time. SPINR is revolutionizing government institutions by connecting applications and their underlying data together, enabling them to create their own modern API platform, upon which new digital services and streamlined processes can be built.

  • Cost Reduction & Management

    All government organizations must secure, modernize and scale their digital infrastructure to keep existing services open and launch new ones.

    At a time when budgets are under severe pressure, the need has never been greater to improve efficiency and service delivery. All of this is necessary while increasing responsiveness and leveraging existing systems and data storage in newer, more agile ways.

    SPINR’s API-led approach extends the life and usefulness of legacy systems, avoiding the cost of a rip-and-replace attitude. By offering APIs externally you can expand functionality and connect with innovative third party applications, transforming the citizen experience.

  • Cloud Adoption

    Public sector organizations have lagged behind private enterprises in their adoption of cloud, often because they lack the financial and technical resources to integrate with or migrate to cloud applications. 

    Arguably, they have the most to gain from cloud adoption, and SPINR’s API integration is making it possible to adopt smart, connected city technology with a cost effective platform that is easy to use.

    SPINR was designed specifically to meet these public sector challenges and enabling cloud adoption as part of a wider digital transformation strategy. Using SPINR you can build APIs to unlock data and connect systems, creating an internal library of reusable APIs.

  • Single Citizen View

    Empowering citizens to participate in government is all part of improving citizen engagement.

    Connecting the right applications and data not only helps automate data processes, but also gets the right data in the right place and informs better decisions on how to serve citizen’s needs. SPINR is active in assisting government initiatives to unify multiple services and departments into a single citizen view.

    Using APIs to expose data from legacy on-premise systems means it can then be easily transformed, unified and delivered to any target, such as a reporting tool, data warehouse or mobile application. This helps to significantly increase the quality and delivery of government digital services.

Why government organizations choose SPINR

  • Run smart, connected cities, improving safety and efficiency
  • Enhance the citizen experience with modern services
  • Real-time data for effective analytics and decision making
  • Budget control and better forecasting, minimizing financial overruns
  • Extend the lifetime and usefulness of existing assets and data
  • Enforce government data standards and remain compliant with regulations
Why government organizations choose SPINR Why government organizations choose SPINR
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