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SPINR helps maintain universal patient records, allowing secure data connections so you can collaborate with your healthcare ecosystem and ensure compliance.


Business Benefits

Enable semantic interoperability
Enable semantic interoperability
Facilitate population health management
Facilitate population health management
Better manage care coordination
Better manage care coordination
Monitor & control for governance
Monitor & control for governance
Adapt to industry changes
Adapt to industry changes

Explore what SPINR can do for you...

  • Mobile Patient Engagement

    Although the majority of healthcare consumers would like to use their smartphones to interact with healthcare providers, most of these providers have struggled to create an effortless mobile experience.

    Disruptor healthcare apps can help but they still need to connect with the appropriate IT systems to be of any use. There are significant market opportunities, as mobile adoption currently remains low. However, mobile engagement is integral to the overall patient experience strategy.

    Using SPINR to close the integration gap, will help accelerate mobile adoption by making it easier to connect with the leading and most innovative application developers, avoiding proprietary lock-ins that may have limited functionality and a compromised user experience.

  • Supporting the Healthcare Ecosystem

    The SPINR data and API integration platform can help all businesses related to the healtchare industry, including hospitals and other care organizations, insurance companies, pharma, research institutes, as well as technology and professional services firms.

    Each of them needs instant access to multiple IT systems and their underlying data, as they are always looking to modern technologies to provide the best care outcomes. Technology must deliver the agility required to manouvre in a market that is ripe for innovation and the delivery of new services.

    This presents great opportunities for ambitious organizations looking to break through and deliver the kind of customer experience that healthcare consumers are looking for.

  • Enable Healthcare Interoperability

    SPINR’s integration technology helps healthcare organizations overcome data silos, allowing your data to be brought together from multiple systems, aggregated and transformed in order to bring about better care outcomes.

    Having a single secure platform to access clinical and workflow data, that any user can work with, is helping transfrom and streamline operations. In the past this type of integration layer would require complex operations, technologies and skilled developer teams to come together.

    SPINR simplifies all of this for you, delivering the capability you need in one management platform, from where you can conduct all your data and API integrations. Everything you need to create APIs, as well as manage, package and re-use them is included.

  • Build Healthcare Platforms

    Empowering citizens to participate in government is all part of improving Building digital platforms for healthcare creates an exponential increase in value by bringing together the power of data, applications, cloud, mobile, and medical devices.

    Seamlessly integrating these disparate components together means data can flow between them. In turn, this allows healthcare providers to focus on delivering the highest quality patient care possible, pinpointed to where and when it’s needed. This represents a new way of working that optimizes processes and the allocation of resources, helping healthcare providers to improve operations and reduce overheads.

    With SPINR providing your API integration layer, you have the mechanisms at your disposal to reduce platform complexity and development time, cutting costs and accelerating time to market. Once in place, your new healthcare platform, driven by SPINR, will be fully primed to take advantage of dynamic analysis, helping you to make more timely and better informed decisions from live data streams.

Why healthcare organizations choose SPINR

  • Connect and unify complex and fragmented healthcare IT systems
  • Source and feed data to patient-centric portals and mobile apps
  • Comply with HIPAA, HL7, FHIR, MLLP, ADT, ARGONAUT and other regulations and data standards
  • Facilitate data access and exchange with a well designed API-based ecosystem
  • Simplify the deployment and population of API-based healthcare marketplaces
  • Create integration frameworks that link patients with providers and care facilities
Why healthcare organizations choose SPINR Why healthcare organizations choose SPINR
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