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Media & Marketing

SPINR brings multi-system and multi-enterprise data together, helping you better understand the true stories within the business information you generate.

Media & Marketing

Business Benefits

Unify fragmented application stack
Unify fragmented application stack
Generate higher quality campaigns & leads
Generate higher quality campaigns & leads
Facilitate partner marketing campaigns
Facilitate partner marketing campaigns
Feed your BI with real-time data
Feed your BI with real-time data
Clean data for accurate reporting
Clean data for accurate reporting

Explore what SPINR can do for you...

  • Build Your Reporting Stack

    The fragmented and siloed technologies used across media and marketing often have their own reporting modules but don’t provide an end-to-end view, telling only one small part of the story.

    This produces multiple narrow data snapshots and opportunities for double counting, leading to innacurate reporting and false ROI claims. Replacing siloed reporting with something more trustworthy is essential for all marketing and media teams, but joining data from multiple systems can be complex. SPINR removes this complexity, so you can bring your data together quickly, making it available to view, cleanse and prepare for further analysis.

    By putting the power of integration and data transformation into the hands of the people that need it, you can avoid wasting time with protracted data processing combined with expensive storage systems, such as data warehouses, data lakes, data vaults etc. This allows you to track the KPIs that matter through your dashboards, based on the true performance of your campaign activities. By quickly and accurately measuring your campaigns in this way, you are optimized to make better and more timely decisions.

  • Joint Marketing Campaigns

    Business partners sometimes need to collaborate to create joint marketing campaigns, and this may also require the sharing of data in a useful way, while remaining compliant with data protection legislation such as GDPR.

    When two or more business partners decide to join their marketing efforts together, they are often faced with the insurmountable challenge of how they will connect their application data. Firstly, there is the technical challenge of how to join systems and connect data in a safe and secure way. Then, there is the challenge of anonymizing the data, so that personally identifiable information (PII) is not exposed.

    SPINR overcomes these challenges quickly and makes it possible for partners to work together, share data and remain compliant with data protection rules. Seamless API integrations are the only true way to ensure multi-organizational collaborations can be effective. Such co-working opportunities can offer significant business rewards that may otherwise remain as good ideas that are impractical to fulfil.

  • Single Customer View

    With data stored in multiple systems across the fragmented media, marketing and customer operations stack, it can become increasingly difficult to see whats really going on and react accordingly.

    What’s required is a reliable and single representation of the data, that provides a 360 degree view of a customer’s journey. This has become increasingly difficult to do, but it is more important than ever to establish and see what results are being generated by which investments.

    SPINR helps you orchestrate customer data from multiple and disparate customer applications and platforms, so you can deliver personalized marketing campaigns, ensuring the right message is delivered to the right audience at the appropriate time. Connecting all your marketing data with sales, support and customer success systems is the most helpful and accurate way to understand what’s going on and inform the specific actions required to bring about the outcomes you seek.

  • Media Performance Optimization

    Media agencies are at the sharp end of the digital economy, working with multiple digital platforms for every client.

    Each platform generates individual reports, which don’t add up, and a significant amount of data which needs bringing together for real analysis and reporting. Ad hoc and manual insight generation does not scale well, so agencies must adopt an approach that embraces integrations and automated workflows for quick decision making. This helps account teams adapt to changes in the market place, optimize marketing spend and deliver results for the client.

    SPINR unifies data from the scattered marketing channels and partner technologies media agencies have to work with, and makes it immediately available to view and prepare. Old manual processes that are laborious and error prone, can now be replaced with automated workflows, feeding dashboards and reports with real-time data so you can work faster and smarter, quickly measuring results against agreed KPIs.

    With bigger marketing budgets being committed to digital campaigns, it is more important than ever to have clean, unified data that delivers timely insights in the most helpful and transparent way possible. Agency account teams that fail to provide this level of accuracy and granularity will struggle to answer a client’s questions, regardless of whether a campaign succeeds or fails.

Why media & marketing agencies choose SPINR

  • Build better media products and take them to market faster
  • Integrate with cloud apps and asset management platforms
  • Rapidly connect ad and social media platforms, tracking how brands and stories are performing in real-time
  • Get instant insight into your promotional activities and an accurate view of ROI metrics
  • Replace manual processes with automated data flows and focus efforts on understanding trends in your data
  • Unify digital connectivity across employees, partners and audiences, feeding real-time data into any BI tool or dashboard solution
Why media & marketing agencies choose SPINR Why media & marketing agencies choose SPINR
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