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Retail & eCommerce

SPINR helps grow your business with unlimited integrations across online, in-store and mobile, encompassing sales, marketing, inventory, payment and courier gateways and much more.

Retail & eCommerce

Business Benefits

Full omnichannel integration
Full omnichannel integration
Single 360 degree customer view
Single 360 degree customer view
Personalised customer experience
Personalised customer experience
Optimize supply chain & orders
Optimize supply chain & orders
Real-time data flow & improved analysis
Real-time data flow & improved analysis

Explore what SPINR can do for you...

  • API Networks for eCommerce

    APIs are a key enabler for the eCommerce revolution.

    As such, e-tailers are having to integrate with and manage an increasing number of APIs, creating a significant burden on technical teams, that can also be a potential single point of failure. As these application networks expand, streamlining the creation and management of every new API, is a clear benefit. Wrapping on-premise applications in a common API layer, enables them to readily integrate with each other, the cloud and the outside world, while still running on existing infrstructure and architectures.

    SPINR allows you to create a reusable API layer that will connect all applications, whether in the cloud or on the ground. Reusing elements in subsequent projects reduces costs and time to market, as well as enabling you to scale from one successful project or team to many across your organization and partner ecosystem. By implementing a broad catalog of documented APIs, your organization will work more effectively and share resources so that collaboration can inspire radical innovation.

  • Seamless Inventory Synchronization

    Being able to continually synch all stock in every warehouse, as well as bricks and mortar stores, means you can optimize your inventory.

    This mitigates the risk of popular items running out of stock, and facilitates the implementation of click and collect into your digital commerce strategy. Providing the flexibility for customers to order online and collect in-store, or order in-store and have items delivered to them directly, enhances the omnichannel experience.

    SPINR provides the integration layer you need to connect your inventory data in this way, ensuring you deliver the best customer experience possible. All retailers will benefit from having such a modern connectivity platform, creating real-time visibility into everything that impacts the customer, from product and order data to shipping and delivery status. With the ability to orchestrate, automate and track everything necessary to keep customers happy, SPINR helps you turn more of them into repeat buyers.

  • Reporting & eCommerce Analytics

    Tracking and analysing valuable data will help shape your eCommerce strategy, so you can calculate your ROI.

    Feeding real-time data into your analytics tools and reporting dashboard reveals key insights that tell a story about areas of your business and how they are performing. Details about your audience shapes future promotions and product choices. All the information generated by every customer touchpoint, from lead source to shopping cart, can be accessed, analysed and acted upon via SPINR’s real-time data flows.

    This provides the capability you need to accurately measure the performance of all sales channels and marketing campaigns. Accurate customer acquisition reporting helps you understand your eCommerce business and identify the activitities that are delivering results and those that require further optimization. We’ll help you get all your data into the right place at the right time, so your analysts can make the most appropriate and timely decisions to drive your business forward.

  • Frictionless Data Flows for All Users

    Having a fast and reliable integration hub for all applications and environments is only part of the story.

    The exponential benefits kick in when any user can interact with the data they need, rather than depending on highly skilled IT power users to create integrations for them. The democratization of data across all users, company sizes and industry sectors is fully supported by SPINR, as no coding experience is required to use it. This allows savvy business users to act as “citizen integrators,” allowing them to self-serve in order to fulfil their main line of business.

    This is driving efficiencies and collaboration by improving communication across technical and non-technical teams. Further, developer teams that used to invest time and resource carrying out integrations, can now focus on where they add real business value, speeding up innovation and cutting time to market.

    Using SPINR helps prevent your developers from getting lost in a mass of coding and integration spaghetti, a mess that no one wants to manage and maintain. Instead, any user can create and automate integrations and create faster, more streamlined data flows between all your applications, wherever they are.

Why retail & eCommerce businesses choose SPINR

  • Faster onboarding for new stores and third party services
  • Improved visibility across applications, vendors and partners
  • Fully understand, automate and enhance the customer experience
  • Create real-time alerts and transparency of order status and errors
  • Create and serve your own partner API ecosystem to manage integrations
  • Adopt a company wide eCommerce API management platform to increase:
    • Speed
    • Agility
    • Visibility
    • Security
    • Scalability
Why retail & eCommerce businesses choose SPINR Why retail & eCommerce businesses choose SPINR
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