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Software & SaaS

SPINR helps tech firms, constrained by data integration challenges, to create digital platforms with streamlined customer onboarding to support their business expansion plans.

Software & SaaS

Business Benefits

Rapid digital platform creation
Rapid digital platform creation
Streamline customer onboarding
Streamline customer onboarding
Compete with bigger players
Compete with bigger players
Connect platform to external services
Connect platform to external services
Accelerate data monetization
Accelerate data monetization

Explore what SPINR can do for you...

  • Connected Services

    Your customers need to know that integration with their existing software will not be an obstacle to their operations.

    Consumers of SaaS products require flexible integration options and providing a product-specific API is no longer enough. The assurances you can provide by combining your SaaS application packaged together with your iPaaS solution, such as SPINR, is a powerful proposition and attractive to users.

    ISVs (independent software vendors) must also integrate seamlessly with third party applications and data. Many have attempted to solve this problem with hand-coded, point-to-point integration tools but this adds cost and time to development cycles that could be better invested.

  • Embedded Integration Layer

    Your users demand easy integration with other apps and services. Working with SPINR means SaaS platform providers no longer need to worry about their data connectivity.

    Any app you create does not exist in isolation, in fact, they all form part of workflows and processes networked across IT environments and organizations. APIs support this way of working and are allowing business users, not programmers, to understand their data and leverage it in new ways.

    With SPINR, you can make data and API integration a core competence of your organization by embedding it into your SaaS platform.

  • Speed up Development

    Custom point-to-point code creates rigid architectures and makes IT a bottleneck, so that any change becomes difficult and protracted.

    Lowering your risk by delivering immediate value and growth, rewards the creativity of your development efforts. As your dev team reduces complexity, they systematically eliminate long rollout cycles, so you stay relevant to your customers.

    SPINR has hundreds of connectors available and gives you the ability to create your own, quickly extending your API network to match your needs, and those of your partners. It is now commonly accepted that having your own API management platform is a key driver for scaling your business.

  • Centralized API Management

    Can you quickly create new SaaS services to drive value through an enhanced customer experience?

    SPINR is the reliable and scalable integration platform for connecting your applications, businesses, data and the cloud. Being fast and easy to implement and use, means you can manage all your APIs, integrations and workflows in one place.

    This delivers flexible and elastic integrations, via a visual interface that removes the stress of coding. Centralized administration helps you take control and secure multipoint, multi-ecosystem integrations.

Why software & SaaS companies choose SPINR

  • Allow customers to quckly and easily migrate to and adopt your services
  • Speed to market and opportunity to accelerate revenue
  • Allow users to create integrations between your apps and their essential business tools
  • Remove the reliance on third parties to provide and maintain APIs
  • Automate data integration processes, streamline operations and reduce cost
  • Manipulate data and create new processes in your internal API
Why software & SaaS companies choose SPINR Why software & SaaS companies choose SPINR
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