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SPINR converges technologies across legacy IT, mobile apps, network operations, billing, 3rd party services and any other stakeholder in order to enable your digital customer experience.


Business Benefits

Enable 3rd party connectivity
Enable 3rd party connectivity
Expose your API to ecosystem developers
Expose your API to ecosystem developers
Create new innovative services
Create new innovative services
Reduce operational complexity
Reduce operational complexity
Act fast to increase revenues
Act fast to increase revenues

Explore what SPINR can do for you...

  • Superfast Customer Onboarding

    Having the best digital services to offer subscribers means little if onboarding partners takes too long and costs too much.

    IT departments are often tasked with building integrations to allow other non-technical teams to then run and manage them. However, this can put a great deal of pressure on the IT team to deliver, which is exacerbated by the explosive growth of connected services and devices.

    SPINR eradicates this complexity and stops it from blocking your progress, which is highly desirable when innovation continues to drive industry wide disruption and competition. SPINR works throughout your organization to drive automation and agility into network infrastructures. Bringing new products and services to market faster can only be possible if your onboarding processes are streamlined, fast, reliable and can be carried out by non-technical users self serving without fuss or drama.

  • Build IoT & Mobile Platforms

    The telecommunications industry continues to enable the highly connected world we now live in.

    Without it we would not be able to connect people and systems, but there are so many other factors and touchpoints involved that managing them all is a challenge in itself. IoT does not simply require middleware to make a connection. In fact, deploying an API integration layer helps create the platform that IoT and mobile services themselves are built upon and is foundational to an effective and scalable solution. Differentiation in the market is gained not by creating point products but in the creation of new platforms that serve consumers in new and exciting ways.

    SPINR makes this possible for you by integrating data from edge devices, fog computing and all IoT and mobile touchpoints with your enterprise stack. Without the need to code, bidirectional connections can be established quickly so you can validate, transform, aggregate and route IoT messages in real-time and visually map IoT data to the application or data store of your choosing. With SPINR you can easily connect machines, devices, people, data, applications and anything.

  • Optimize Network Operations

    Monitoring network operations in real time helps ensure the highest levels of service quality and avoids costly network failures.

    Continuous streaming of live data helps to keep on top of any potential performance issues before they become a problem. By monitoring and analyzing data feeds in this way, decisions can be made quickly to optimize network operations, so that they are always serving the needs of the customer as effectively as possible.

    Using SPINR in this way, you can compare baseline thresholds to trigger warnings to the relevant teams. Network load can then be re-distributed as required to ensure critical services and customers are not affected by any performance issues. The ability to visualize your live data helps you to monitor key business metrics, so you remain agile and responsive at all times and to all events.

  • Churn Analysis & Upsell

    Business Analysts regularly look at customer data to understand when their contracts are due for renewal or when they may be ready to invest in additional products and services.

    Timely information is critical to ensure customer facing teams don’t miss out on opportunities to grow existing accounts, or secure those that may be a churn risk before its too late. This customer data is also helpful when products and services are being replaced and are subject to end-of-life or swap-out campaigns.

    Using SPINR, the provision of the latest data and customer insights to the right teams can be automated to take place at precisely the right time. You can then uncover churn risks, upsell and cross-sell opportunities and trigger account teams in advance of any contracts that are due to expire. By being more proactive with customer communications, you can protect forecasted customer revenues and grow existing accounts.

Why telecoms businesses choose SPINR

  • Reduce customer churn with proactive outreach based on real-time information
  • Devise new sales and marketing campaigns to offer products and services using up-to-date insights from user data
  • Track digital audience engagement and revenue in real time
  • Comply with regulations including GDPR
  • Customize subscriber services with deep dive analysis of data gathered from all available sources
  • Work fast and seamlessly with innovative third party application developers to create the best digital experience for your customers
Why telecoms businesses choose SPINR Why telecoms businesses choose SPINR
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