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Transport & Logistics

SPINR helps connect data across disparate IT systems and geographies, enhancing your reporting capability and identifying new opportunities to optimize operations, reduce costs and increase revenues.

Transport & Logistics

Business Benefits

Automate data processes across platforms
Automate data processes across platforms
Real-time visibility of order & payments
Real-time visibility of order & payments
Unify departmental & subsidiary data
Unify departmental & subsidiary data
Improved visibility across value chain
Improved visibility across value chain
Faster onboarding for customers & partners
Faster onboarding for customers & partners

Explore what SPINR can do for you...

  • Real-time Monitoring & Visibility

    Having a single view of your data that you can trust makes it easy to identify events as they occur and take appropriate action.

    In complex organizations that have operations across multiple geographies, subsidiaries and IT systems, bringing data together is usually very revealing, as it uncovers hidden secrets that could be negatively impacting the business that nobody could previously identify. Once you have this view across all your operations, you will have a new sense of clarity and purpose that helps decision making at both a tactical and strategic level.

    SPINR will help you bring your data together, creating real-time data connections and workflows to feed into your central business intelligence function. All this is possible without investing in new infrastructure or large teams of developers.

  • Business Data Exchange

    Using SPINR you can orchestrate data operations throughout the organization, along the supply chain, with customers and your partner community.

    Having a data and API integration platform is indispensable in helping you to achieve seamless integrations with the organizations you depend on or regularly interact with. It will help you to easily onboard and manage partners efficiently and cost effectively, to the benefit of all.

    SPINR empowers self-service onboarding of third parties, making it easy for them to do business with you, using a rich set of REST APIs to integrate and exchange information. This will help reduce operating costs and consolidate manual data exchanges and unmanaged FTP. Orchestration of multi-organizational business processes, such as order-to-cash, can also be driven through the SPINR platform.

  • Robust Application Integration

    SPINR provides the ideal platform for you to integrate your business applications, using easy mapping and orchestration capabilities.

    Integration is made easy between legacy on-premises applications and the cloud or mobile apps. This gives you the power to seamlessly extend your applications with your ERP system. By eliminating complexity, the delays and costs associated with homegrown workarounds can be avoided, allowing you to keep your data synchronized at all times.

    Processing orders through new channels, such as mobile devices and e-commerce, becomes a much easier task when you have an integration layer to manage data and APIs. This can also help to inspire innovations and create new business models, as digital technologies continue to present transformation opportunities.

  • Error Free Automated Data Flows

    SPINR helps you replace error prone manual processes with automated workflows that are robust and dependable.

    Siloed information becomes a thing of the past, as you are now able to create a holistic view of your data and know that your view will always be populated by the latest and most up-to-date information. Any errors, duplications or missing data will be quickly picked up and appropriate events triggered.

    With minimal involvement from IT teams, your business users and data owners will be empowered to create the data views they need to help them be as effective as possible. Working with SPINR, you can focus your time and energy on managing integrations and APIs that deliver fast time to value.

Why transport & logistics companies choose SPINR

  • Real-time alerts and visibility of order status and errors
  • Connect all customer data and aggregate with transportation and logistics services
  • Improved visibility across the entire business, vendors and partners
  • Facilitate departmental analysis of operations, costs, pricing, margins and competitors
  • Enable faster adoption of new technologies to deliver innovation and efficiency
  • Create data pipelines to enable central finance departments to create timely and accurate forecasts
Why transport & logistics companies choose SPINR Why transport & logistics companies choose SPINR
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