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What's iPaaS?

Power your digital services with APIs

What's iPaaS?

What's iPaaS?

Modern organizations must have an integration strategy to deal with the ongoing disruption brought about by the hybrid era of cloud and on-premise.

iPaaS (integration-Platform-as-a-Service) provides a managed service to design and deploy your integration solution. This platform scales to suit your capacity needs. iPaaS delivers a combination of capabilities, helping you to avoid point-to-point integration nightmares because the design and administration functions are centralized within the platform.

What's an API?

What's an API?

An Application Programming Interface (API) is a software intermediary that allows individual software applications to talk to each other.

APIs act like a messenger between IT systems, delivering requests and then returning the responses. They provide a set of tools highly beneficial to developers and business users that need to interact with data from different systems. SPINR enables the integration of on-premise applications and data with cloud applications and data.

Connect your data and applications to the cloud

iPaaS, sometimes called hybrid integration, allows you to connect data and applications that are deployed in different environments.

Today’s web and mobile app marketplaces rely on developers being able to leverage a set of common, well-documented system interfaces, or APIs, that enable agile, rapid application development of digital services.

Connect your data and applications to the cloud

What iPaaS gives you

The SPINR platform provides an ecosystem of pre-built connectors, business rules, maps and transformations that facilitate the development of integration flows and API management.

Our software development kit (SDK) allows you to link legacy applications with mobile and social applications. Popular additional features include capabilities for managing data quality.

What iPaaS gives you What iPaaS gives you

Instantly modernize your IT estate

Many organizations are still reliant on line of business systems that weren’t built for the new world of cloud, Internet of Things (IoT) and mobile applications.

This creates process inefficiency and silos of data and information. The SPINR platform creates a bridge into the cloud and mobile first world. It puts users at the heart of the service and breaks down the barriers for systems to integrate and share data. SPINR brings your unique needs together into a cloud-based platform.

Instantly modernize your IT estate Instantly modernize your IT estate

iPaaS benefits

iPaaS is scalable and has the ability to meet the increased data volume from mobile and other environments.

SPINR supports real-time integration with the goal of minimum disruption, giving you an enhanced overall experience, while simplifying IT and data management processes. It connects applications and resources to create a consistent structure. This gives you seamless integration of resources across multiple clouds and between cloud and legacy applications. All platform management happens in one place, so planning and time to market are minimized.

iPaaS benefits iPaaS benefits
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